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Has been showrunning, writing and directing YouTube Premium’s longest running series, Escape The Night, for four seasons. The series has won multiple Streamy awards, including best series, garnered hundreds of millions of views and billions of impressions.


He also directed and produced the hit gaming series Wil Wheaton’s Table Top, Sagas of Sundry, TitansGrave: The Ashes of Valkana, Force Grey, Worthy Opponents and Spellslingers. The series all featured top celebrity talent from Joey Graceffa and Markiplier, to Joseph Gordon Levitt and Joe Manganiello.


He wrote the hit film Game Therapy and the Lionsgate action/horror film Game of Assassins. He produced the comedy How to Make Love to a Woman starring Kristen Ritter and Ian Somerhalder, and the UFO thriller The Phoenix Incident starring Troy Baker and Travis Willingham.

In the commercial world he's produced dozens of spots ranging from Ford Superbowl campaigns to the God of War Superbowl campaign. Clients include: Microsoft, Dolby, HBO, Bethesda,  McDonalds and more.

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